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Pay per click advertising is getting popular because it is very effective and provides fast results be means of instant visibility and easy result tracking.  When viewers click on the PPC ads, the advertiser will pay a decided amount to the publisher.  If you are promoting your business then PPC is a less time consuming and smart method and it is also legitimate.  But, there are competitors or the ad publisher sometimes use this platform for illegal activities in order to pile up the advertising costs of a company or making their revenue double up. Here's  a good post to read about click fraud prevention algorithm, check this out! 


Click fraud has been reported by the advertisers ever since the beginning of pay per click advertising.  The most who suffer from click fraud are the small companies whose budget for advertising are small and limited.  When there is click fraud it involves massive clicking of your PPC by a competitor or a middleman in order to take your advertising costs sky high, without actually deriving any realistic results.  In order to prevent this fraudulent activity, advertiser need the tips given below. Find out for further details on click fraud prevention right here.


You need to check out if your ads publisher is credible or not.  You should check if the ad publisher has some strategy against click fraud before hiring the agency to publish your ads.  Before you become a victim of click fraud, guard your business well against it.


When a competitor does not follow business ethics takes unethical and illegitimate measure to beat down your business, you should be wary of it. It is important that you keep a good eye on your competitor.  Develop strategies to safeguard you from cybercrimes such as click frauds.  With your keywords on the search engines you can keep track of your business competitors.


You can use different software that can actually help you track incoming clicks on your PPC ads.  Click fraud in PPC ads can be prevented by using this software.  If you need tools for click fraud reporting you can use click auditor, click sentinel or click tracks.


It is important to know where you started from and where you have reached in your advertising campaign.  You can see the number and percentage of clicks that are valid, and this determine the success or failure of your campaign.


Search engines of other countries that may have more competitors against you and lesser profit potential should not be used for your PPC ads.  In a place where illegitimate PPC activities are not so prevalent, is the ideal place for you to make your ads visible.


The objective of your PPC campaign should be clear in your mind.  You can either be after only the high clicks or the actual sales.  Business owners who are smart would always go for making sales and they strive to get alternative results in PPC instead of quantitative results. Please click this link for more info.